Our process engineering DNA opens up opportunities to work with clients looking to develop new products or commercialise an idea that has the potential to disrupt an industry.

We look at where your competitive advantage is in the supply chain and our broad industry exposure allows us to work with you to customise where the ideal location might be to maximise synergies on your project.

For established fertiliser producers, we have a great team with ammonia / urea / phosphate and ammonium nitrate operations and design experience that is rare in the Australian market.




  • gas / liquid separation
  • gas treatment
  • moisture removal
  • distillation
  • high temperature catalytic processes


Our case studies show how we transform studies into reality, often in challenging environments and constricted time frames. Our innovation is supporting clients to develop new flowsheets in the critical minerals industry to support the ever changing supply chain needs.

N2O Abatement Project

Dyno Nobel were looking to further reduce their N2O and NOx emissions through the addition of a thys...
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What we do

Process Development & Commercialisation

Got a processing challenge, poor performance, or a great idea or resource but no process route to deliver value?

Our process team have the chemistry and process engineering know-how to model capabilities and narrow the options. We’ll help with defining laboratory and pilot plant testwork plans to provide confidence for your stakeholders that we are on the right path. Short of capability, experience or the right people: we can roll up the sleeves and do the testwork for you.

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Optimisation & Debottlenecking

Need to reduce emissions, improve recoveries or improve product quality?

We cut to the chase quickly working hard to understand your project drivers, where this fits into your operations and look for the low hanging fruit that can be implemented quickly and easily. We investigate to understand the root cause of issues. Practical experience, process modelling, plant data analysis, new replacement plant or simply improved methods of working: we’ll work with you to implement the recommendations and assure success.  

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Feasibility Studies

While working to develop and validate the optimal flowsheet for your process, we are conscious of the need for the project to be economically viable: understanding the CAPEX and OPEX of various unit operations is critical to success.

We mitigate risk via testwork and modelling; develop project execution strategies specific to the project; produce CAPEX and OPEX estimates and identify value improvement opportunities consistent with the study phase (concept, pre-feasibility, definitive or bankable) to support the engineering packages.

We can also provide due diligence services to review existing studies.

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Multidiscipline Engineering & Design

Our engineering team work closely to deliver complete engineering designs for all project phases for our clients, using their specifications, codes of practice and both Australian and International standards.  

These designs incorporate input from our process safety, functional safety and hazardous areas qualified engineers to ensure risks are assessed and adequately mitigated through the design review assurance process. 

We are not catalogue engineers: where a job requires something that is not ‘off-the-shelf’ we’ll design it rather than say it can’t be done.

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Project Management

Our core values of Delivery and Sustainability are driven from our leaders: project outcomes are to be delivered safely and sustainably while minimising impacts to the community. 

Our project management team are strong technical, practical engineers, ensuring that they are able to drive projects forward no matter the size.  Each project requires a subtly different approach to assure success: our project managers work hard at the outset with our clients to understand key project drivers (cost, quality and schedule) and develop an execution strategy to suit.  Once schedule and budget are defined you can be assured they will work proactively, engaging with all stakeholders to deliver.

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Commissioning & Operations Readiness

We are hands-on problem solvers and have expertise in commissioning and operations readiness. 

We want to help our clients to assure the success of the project through the construction, commissioning and early operations phases.  Whether its answering queries from constructors, developing commissioning plans, standard operating procedures or doing the commissioning: our engineers want to work with you to deliver a successful outcome. 

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Owners Team Support

Short of key resources? We’ll step in to help support your business in critical areas when you need. 

Project too big or you need someone with the hands on practical experience to ensure your selected engineer delivers for you ? We’ll be your owner’s engineer to assure success and support your technical team and do our best to ensure the project objectives are met.

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Asset Integrity Support

We can work with you to extend the life of your plant operations providing condition assessment reports on concrete and steel structures and equipment and propose rectification activities to support the extension. 

Fitness for service assessments are routinely performed on pressure equipment, tanks and structures to support life extension or verify suitability for revised operating conditions.

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Advanced Process Control

Increasingly our clients are looking for quick wins that yield measurable benefits with minimal investments. 

Advanced and Model Predictive Control systems offer viable ways to reduce process variability which can lead to production increases and improvements in recovery and efficiency.  We have a team who can help you to realise the potential of these products.

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Modular and Pilot Plants

To support the commercialisation of concepts and technologies, we’ve built a reputation for cost effectively delivering pilot and skid mounted plants.

Finding the balance between cost, design life, compliance with site standards, but still ensuring that the key design criteria and parameters are obtained to support future design phases are critical success factors that we’ve become accustomed to working with our clients and their technology providers. 

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Creating value from the start.

Value is best created in the early phase of projects where our engineers can deploy their creativity and practical knowledge to optimise a project.

In this phase we identify the most appropriate technologies and solutions to meet the project objectives considering the impacts of all phases of the project life cycle. Brownfield and greenfield projects require different approaches in this phase and our ‘agile’ project delivery model ensures that effort is expended appropriately to focus on what is critical for success for that project, whether that be to reduce cost or schedule, mitigate risk or simplify the outcome.


Optimising the right solution.

Developing the engineering solution requires a clear understanding of the problem. We will evaluate and define the problem then recommend our solution. The feasibility of projects is critically tested at this stage: it is where our practical experience shines as the design and layout matures to ensure that what we deliver is easy to construct, commission, operate and maintain. 

We mature the project execution strategy in consultation with our clients considering the key risks and value drivers identified in the previous phase. Working with the client and vendors we ensure the optimal practical solutions are incorporated in the design outcome.


Getting it done right.

This is where our focus on delivery comes to the fore.  The time for optioneering has finished and the team is focused on delivering the engineering work scope to the desired budget and schedule.  We work actively with the client procurement team to ensure that vendor deliverables and processes are integrated with our own to minimise interfaces.  Risk, design, operability and constructability reviews ensure that all parties have an opportunity to review the design for an optimal outcome.  Final work packages have the end game in mind: construction work packs consistent with the execution strategy and for handover to Operations.


Translating design into performance.

A successful project is not just a detailed design package to us.  We work with your Operations Readiness and Commissioning Teams to ensure that the design intent is translated into reality.

We are happy being out there in the field with you commissioning and performance testing the equipment and where issues arise, working proactively to rectify and deliver a successful outcome. These relationships, plant knowledge and site understanding are fed back into the design process through these engineers for the next wave of projects we deliver for you.


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